Terms and Conditions

Wilder Student Fight Night is an amateur white collar boxing event with no affiliations to official boxing associations or qualifications.

This event is for people who have little to no boxing experience beforehand and want to try their hand at something new and exciting for a one-off event. However we do find that some participants enjoy the experience so much they carry on with boxing training around their other sports and lives, some even go on to participate in ABA Boxing Events in the boxing circuit. The event is also open exclusively to students. 

We provide training from ABA Qualified and experienced Senior boxing coaches as part of our program to ensure you are ready for the big night, however if you are unable to make these sessions there are numerous community/drop in sessions available as well as private or group PT Sessions arranged through the coaches themselves.

Our medical team includes a Critical Care Paramedic and an Advanced Paramedic Practitioner and has over 22 years experience working with Boxing. They are the UK’s leading provider of medical cover for boxing shows throughout the UK, covering over 5000 boxing events, working closely with The British Boxing Board of Control, GB Boxing and England Boxing.

All boxers receive a pre fight and post fight examination, and questionnaire. The equipment the medical team carry to all shows include, Advanced Life Support Equipment and Drugs, Oxygen Therapy, Analgesia Drugs and Gasses, 12 lead ECG, x2 Defibrillators, Suturing and Surgical Glue for Cut Management.

We treat boxing and the boxers health very seriously and our care and treatment are second to none.
All protective and safety equipment provided at our shows are to ABA Standards and are checked and approved pre-event by our ABA Coaches.

All fighters taking part in our events understand and accept that by applying and participating in our events that there is the risk of getting injured or hurt through the contact sport of boxing.

By fighting in our events all fighters understand the dangers associated with boxing and accept that Wilder Student Fight Night put all the necessary precautions and support measures in place from our side as the organisers to each event. By choosing to participate in our program and fighting in our event you accept that Wilder Student Fight Night is not liable for any long-term issues that may arise from boxing in our shows.
By signing up to a Wilder Student Fight Night event you are agreeing to the following data collection, storage and use:
  • For Wilder Student Fight Night to contact you via text message, WhatsApp and email with information.
  • For our charity partners to send you details and information regarding fundraising via email and social media.
  • For an Event Representative from Wilder Student Fight Night to get in touch with you via text message, WhatsApp, phone or email.

I consent to Wilder Student Fight Night processing data for legal, personnel, administrative and management purposes and in particular to the processing of any sensitive personal data (as defined in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)).

I consent to Wilder Student Fight Night making such information available to those associated with the Event and training (such as trainers, coaches, event coordinators), any regulatory authorities, charity partners, sponsors and as may be required by law.

I understand I can opt-out at any point by emailing info@studentfightnight.co.uk.

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